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Hoobastank - By: Born To Lead
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With eyes closed tightly
I march so blindly
Pretending everything’s fine
‘Cause you’re there to keep me in line

I don’t want your guidance
I’ll break my silence
So sick of asking and being denied
And now I realize

We’re holding the key
To unlock the destiny
We we’re born to lead
We’re finally free
No longer follow
We know we we’re born to lead
We we’re born to lead

You can’t ignore me (you can’t ignore me)
You can’t think for me (you can’t think for me)
Your world will come crashing down to the ground
‘Cause I figured you out

We we’re born to lead
We we’re born to lead

I used to think I’m all alone
But now I see our numbers grow
I’m not afraid to break away
Think on my own

With eyes wide open
My new life begins
Without you there to tell me when
We’re in hell when you can’t stop me now
Posting by : Febry
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